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Global exhibition & event logistics

As a privately owned and managed exhibition and event logistics company, GBH Exhibition Forwarding can operate independently. We can hand-pick the operators and agents from across the world whose services are most suitable to an individual event, providing timely shipments, great service, and reliability.

On occasion our options may be limited, but our knowledge and experience of various industries and markets mean we can always find the best approach to meet your import and export needs.

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Over 45 years’ experience

Founded in 1976 by three experienced freight forwarders, GBH Exhibition Forwarding has grown to become a team of logistics professionals dedicated to supporting companies with the handling and transportation of exhibits, around the world.

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Award winning

With four prestigious award wins, including IELA members Domestic Agent and Export Agent recognitions, you can trust the knowledge and expertise of GBH Exhibition Forwarding for your exhibition and event logistics.

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Global network

With valued freight and handling partners, GBH Exhibition Forwarding can provide the best possible service to exhibitors and organisers alike. Providing an efficient and meaningful line of communication means you will receive a first-class solution.

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Comprehensive service

GBH Exhibition Forwarding provide a complete solution for all event logistics, exhibition courier and transportation needs. You are guaranteed timely shipments, great service, and reliability before, during and after an event that meet your individual import and export needs.

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European operations

For trade show and event shipments between the UK and EU, we tend to perform the operation by road. This means that European customs regulations need to be considered. They vary slightly from state to state, and in some cases from venue to venue. By working with selected carriers and agents most suitable to perform each operation, we ensure that individual shipment needs are met and have the correct documentation for a seamless delivery.

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Global operations

Shipments destined for events and exhibitions outside of mainland Europe tend to be shipped by sea or air. Before deciding on which, we consider the type of cargo, the size of the shipment, and the timing required. The time between the goods being available, and the time needed for the shipment to clear and be handled in the destination country is a key factor to ensuring your exhibits make it to the show on time.

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Freight and handling partners

With the help of our valued freight and handling partners we can provide the best possible, first-class service, allowing exhibitors and organisers to ship to major venues around the world. Our previous experience as both an export agent and a site agent, means we are well equipped to provide efficient and meaningful lines of communication to everyone involved.

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